Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chinese Takeaway

Hans was outside the 'Fat Chen' restaurant, with his take away, when a young, portly, Asian boy exited the front door carrying a thermal cube delivery bag. The boy stepped off the concrete walk and was about to get into an electric blue Impreza WRX.

“Nice car you got there.”

“Thanks!” The portly Asian responded, puffing out his chest and smiling from ear to ear.

“Not exactly, a car you would expect for delivering fast food.”

“No kidding! I don’t work here, I’m just helping out my uncle with this last delivery.”

Hans set his takeaway down on the pavement and reached into his jacket and pulled out a billfold. “I’ll give you a hundred dollars, if you can give me a lift home. I called a Taxi an hour ago and my food is getting colder by the minute.”

“I don’t know, I don’t generally pick up strangers, besides I have to pick up my girlfriend and I'm already late.”

“A hundred dollars will go a long way to putting gas in that rocket.”

The portly boy laughed and told the man to get in. “ I have to make this delivery first and then I’ll drive you home. My girlfriend can wait a little longer. "
After making the delivery the young man was directed to Tuxedo drive where large estate homes were set back from the street. The young man was told to turn into a narrow lane, surrounded by tall spruce trees. The house was invisible from the road but when the car exited the forest, a massive Bavarian style manor appeared before them. It was an A frame, chalet style, manor with walk out balcony's on the second and third floor which were, of course, festooned with colorful flowers. The first floor was blessed with a massive cedar deck which spanned the whole front of the house. “ WOOOO! You live in that house?”
He drove around the circular driveway and pulled up to the front of the house. A tall germanic looking woman exited the large Oak doors and met them at the car.

Hans got out of the car and kissed her cheek. “I brought home 'Asian' for supper, Greta.”

“ Oh goody, I do like a little Chinese once in a while, but I know I'll be hungry again in a couple of hours.".

"Come inside young man and I’ll give you the grand tour. I think you'll be impressed by our kitchen.” She said.